Reading Group Resources

A group of twenty in a library. A group of ten with wine in a living room. Two people at a water-cooler. An online discussion among people who live a world apart. I love and admire all reading groups.

I also know how much work is involved in running one, so if there is anything else I can do to facilitate—Skype chat? Signed book plates?—don’t hesitate to ask. I’m here to make your life easier and your event more fun.


General Questions

Do you read paranormal romances? What have you liked about them? Or not liked? How does this compare?

The Iron Moon is three full days long, not just one night. What is the impact of that on Pack life and structure?

Shifters can be wolves, but rarely ever are. How have they dealt with this almost—but not quite—human life?

If you were Leonora Jeansdottir and responsible for teaching the Pack Human Behaviors, what would you make sure they knew?

The Pack has a close relationship with death. How does that manifest itself in what they eat, in their rituals, in their thinking about their own dead?

If you were given a choice—Pack, Shifter or human—which would you be? Why?

Last Wolf w Jeaniene Frost quote.jpg

The Last Wolf

Did Silver feel human to you? In what ways?

How about Tiberius? If so, what about him felt more human.

Ronan, a relatively minor character, set many parts of the story in motion. How?

This is not a fated mate story. What do Tiberius and Silver bring to each other?

Tiberius did have pack of sorts, led by his father. How did Shifter and Pack understanding of leadership differ?

CVR flat_ A Wolf Apart.jpg

A Wolf Apart

What are the elements of Elijah’s disguise?

Elijah’s a miserable human being at the beginning. Is a miserable wolf, too?

What is it about Thea that appeals to him?

Thea is not afraid of being alone. What is the impact of this on her reactions to the men in her life?

What happens at CU that makes Elijah screw up so royally?