The Last Wolf focused on life of the Great North Pack and its home territories. On Silver, the runt who was struggling to make a life for herself at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Elijah Sorensson is her opposite. The Alpha of his age group, he lives not in Homelands, but in New York City, an Offlander, tasked with serving the Pack’s interests in the human arena.

After many years, Elijah has become a powerful lawyer and a master manipulator of the human hierarchy, but the once-firm lines between his human act and his wild self are blurring and something inside is dying.

Then he meets Thea Villalobos, a human who has learned the price of pretending. A woman who sees beyond the man of the world to the passionate, heartbroken wolf. 

But some secrets are not his to share.

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A Wolf Apart "strikingly explores the core werewolf conflict between civilization and the wild, and offers food for thought about “the nature of strength,” all in the context of a tense, high-energy plot....Vale’s nuanced exploration of werewolf concepts elevates this work above others in the genre." -Publishers Weekly starred review

"There's an emptiness to Elijah...and it's turning him into a caged animal. It's sexy and it's frightening, a heady combination...A feral and fearsome romance that works for its happy ending."--Kirkus

“This tense, emotionally charged story brings together a hero drowning in the soul-leaching pain of living a lie and a compassionate, intuitive heroine. A wealth of sharply etched detail, snippets of pack history and lore, and a colorful supporting cast add another layer to this remarkable, strangely believable world.” —Library Journal

"Vale’s second foray into the exquisitely built world of the Pack is as enthralling and exciting as The Last Wolf." --ALA Booklist 

"A higher standard of storytelling...The romance was strong, effective and the process was exciting and fraught with peril."--Long and Short Reviews

A Wolf Apart adds "a great jolt of new blood to the old and sometimes stale ideas in the genre...A stark and feral read."--Fresh Fiction

"This book is the total package of romance, passion, some betrayal, and a strong plot that has an epic story." --A Night Owl Reviews Top  Pick

“Second in this raw, almost aggressively-penned series – these wolves do not couch things in civil terms – it is even starker in its aspect than The Last Wolf, and also more intense, which one might not have thought possible. Definitely something different in the PNR genre, which is a feat increasingly difficult to achieve.” —Romantic Intentions Quarterly