Anyone going to RT? Or not.

If you are, please, please email me. I'll put aside swag and buy you a coffee, because you are the first readers and you are special in my heart.

I've added the events that I know I'll be attending. There is so much going on that sometimes I've got four things scheduled for the same hour!


     Wed 1:30 pm Dive into Data with my amazing editor Deb Werksman (Naples 3)

     Wed 2:45 I'll be participating in the Publisher Line Up in Roma 1 & 2. This is for booksellers and librarians, but I'll be there and  would love to meet anyone on that track.

      Wed 8:30 pm Peace, Love and Romance event (Tuscany  F)

      Thurs 10 am Sourcebooks Spotlight (Sorrento 2)

      I will also be doing the Fan-tastic Day Event AND the Big Signing, which seems to be the only way people refer to it. Can you tell I'm a virgin?

And if you're not going to RT? Drop me a line anyway. Let me send you a signed book or at very least a bookplate. Like I said. 

 Special in my heart.